How Attorney Prime works


Tell us your legal situation

An attorney will review the facts of your case and build the perfect legal solution for you.


Your attorney advisor

An attorney takes you through every phase in the process. Attorney support is available 24/7.


File, appear, done!

Simply file the court forms your attorney delivers to you, appear at your hearing, and you're done! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why use Attorney Prime?

Saves Money

All Prime legal services are offered for the same low flat rate. A traditional attorney will charge you several thousand dollars for even simple family law matters.

Saves Time

You won't need to spend time in a waiting room or waiting days for an attorney to call you back. Prime is available online wherever you are with 24/7 attorney support.

Legally Binding

Prime court documents are accepted in every courthouse in Texas. A Texas attorney will advise you specifically to your local courthouse.

Attorney Support

A licensed attorney in Texas will review your facts, design your legal solution, draft your court forms, and advise you through the entire process.

Specific to you

All court forms and legal solutions are tailored to your unique legal situation and the outcome you have in mind.

Prime Guarantee

Attorney Prime guarantees your satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied within 2 weeks, we will gladly refund your money.

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