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Adult Adoption and Stepparent Adoption w/ Termination
All documents drafted and updated for 2021 Texas Rules of Procedure.
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Attorney Prime Q & A

Will an attorney review my case?

Think bigger. Your attorey will consult with you, contact your local courthouse, draft your court documents to your specific situation, and advise you through the process. Legal made simple.

Will an attorney go with me to court?

No, and it's generally not necessary for simple family law matters. The actual work is done by your attorney long before you appear in court. At the hearing, the judge will review the documents your attorney drafts, and respond accordingly. Every courthouse has it's own filing requirements, so it's important to know what to expect going in. You won't miss a lawyer.

How does this whole thing work?

Every case is different, but basically: A licensed Texas attorney will consult with you regarding your case. The attorney will then draft all of your court documents specifically to your situation, and then advise you through the process. We take pride in taking the pain out of the family court process.

I've never been to court before, what happens?

Well that's understandable - courthouses are intimidating, beuracratic, and cold places. That is why we will make sure you know exactly where to go, what to file, and how to proceed. We don't like surprises, and we'll make sure you're never caught off-guard throughout the process.

Do you require a retainer?

Nope, we're better. We won't charge you a ridiculously high fee to handle your case, and we actually return phone calls. We are certified family attorneys who handle cases like yours every single day.

What kinds of cases do you handle?

Most family law cases. If you want to modify your child support or visitation order, we do that. If you want to establish child support or visitation, we also do that. If you want a name change for your child, we do that. If you want to adopt? Yea, we also do that.

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