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WRITTEN BY: James Brandon Gaines, Esq. - Last update: April 14th, 2017

If you've received a traffic ticket in Odessa or anywhere in Ector County contact us today to get it handled. After a failure to appear, your ticket can raise your insurance, and keep you from renewing your license. Traffic tickets can take alot of time to resolve, be costly, and affect your insurance premiums. Multiple offenses can even lead to your license being suspended. If you are set to appear at the Odessa Municipal Court, contact us first.

What we do

Our goal is to keep your driving record clear, prevent the suspension of your license, lift your warrants, regain your license, or even get you an occupational license when necessary.

In over 95% of our ticket cases, we are successeful in keeping moving violations off of our client's driving records. We regularly get charges reduced or dismissed completely.

With recent changes in Texas law it is critical that drivers be cautious to maintain as clean a driving record as possible. Our ticket attorneys can assist you in obtaining a favorable disposition of your matter, in most cases, without you ever having to appear in court.

Odessa Ticket Areas

We help Odessa, Texas (and all of Ector County) motorists with legal representation with the following types of traffic tickets, summons and violations:

Speeding tickets
Red lights
Stop signs
Accident tickets
Curfew violations
Passing school bus
Reckless driving
Commercial Driver Licenses – CDL
No insurance
No registration
No drivers license
Failure to Appear
DOT violations
Traffic Ticket Warrants

Peace of Mind

The attorneys at behind Attorney Prime has defended thousands of traffic tickets and traffic offenses. Many times, our clients are found not guilty, their case is dismissed entirely, or charges are reduced - which means no points or convictions on their record. Although we can’t guarantee that we’ll win your case, our success rate speaks for itself. By hiring an attorney, you save your insurance, money, time, points, and peace of mind.

We handle traffic offenses in Odessa, Texas, and all over Ector County.

We do not represent clients with a CDL for tickets out of Odessa Municipal Court.

"I usually just wait in line at the court to pay my ticket. Full price. Ripoff. This time I used Attorney Prime, and not only was my fine reduced, but I kept the violation off of my record."

-Jamie from Odessa, TX

Types of Tickets


Slow down there Turbo. If you were speeding through Ector County, an attorney will negotiate your ticket amount.

Failure to Appear

Odessa Municipal Court doesn't like no-shows, so if you've missed your deadline, we can handle that for you.

No Insurance

Whether your insurance was expired (or not existent) or you just didn't have your proof of insurance at the time, a Texas attorney will handle it.

Expired Tags

If you were ticketed for outdated Texas registration or inspection, our attorneys will negotiate with your court on your behalf.

Invalid Driver's License

If you have an expired Texas driver's license, or no license at all, our attorneys will can negotiate the penalty.


If you didn't pay your ticket or missed your courtdate, there is likely a warrant for your arrest. We will work to get that warrant quashed.

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