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Texas Tickets Q & A

Why shouldn’t I just pay the traffic ticket to the court?

First, just paying the ticket results in a conviction on your record. This can affect insurance premiums, and may even put your license in jeopardy. Secondly, an attorney can not only help keep the ticket off of your record, but can oftentimes get the ticket fine reduced, versus paying full "retail" to the court directly. Lastly, and especially, if you have more than one violation, a missed court date, or a very old ticket, an attorney should be a no brainer.

I just found out that I missed my court date, and now there is/may be a warrant!

Usually if you miss your court date, the court will add another violation to your record: Failure to Appear. Not only does this add another fine to your case, but it usually accompanies a warrant for your arrest. Our first priority is always to get the warrant lifted within 2-3 business days. Once the warrant is lifted, we then negotiate your case with the prosecutor.

What Happens If My Drivers License Gets Suspended But I Drive Anyway?

Definitely don't do that. The State of Texas takes it very seriously when a driver drives with a suspended license. Driving while your license is suspended is a Class B Misdemeanor for which you can be fined up to two thousand dollars and go to jail for up to 180 days to a year.

There is a warrant for my arrest. How can Prime help me?

Our first priority is to get your warrant lifted. It generally takes 3-5 business days for the court to process our paperwork and lift the warrant for your arrest. Then, we begin the process of negotiating your ticket, while you can rest easy knowing that you won't be arrested during the time that it takes to resolve the ticket.

Can an attorney help me if my license is suspended or about to be suspended?

You should contact us immediately. Oftentimes you can either request and administrative hearing (within the deadline on the notice). An attorney can also help to resolve the underlying violations that caused your license to be in jeopardy.

What if I am issued another moving violation within the same year?

Our traffic ticket lawyers have helped many of our clients who have received multiple violations in the same year. Regardless of the number of violations you have received, our attorneys will work diligently to obtain a dismissal on all your violations. It is extremely important to consult with an experienced traffic ticket attorney in this situation. You have rights, excercise them. Regardless of how many traffic tickets you have or how long ago you received them, contact our attorneys now and we will start to work towards a dismissal today.

Should I just take defensive driving through the court?

If you even qualify to take defensive driving, it will still come with it's own complications. First, you will still need to pay court costs, the tuition cost of the drivers safety course, and get the proof to the court on time. After you do all of this, if you are late, then the ticket stays on your record and you will likely have to pay additional fees to the court. So taking away the time commitment to take the course and comply with the court rules, you may not even qualify for defensive driving. You can only take defensive driving for a dismissal once every 12 months in Texas. Also, certain violations do not qualify, and if you have a speeding, if you were going to fast, you won't qualify. We save you time, and giv eyou peace of mind. We pursue other options besides defensive driving to keep it off of your record.

Why should I hire Prime instead of taking care of the traffic ticket myself?

You will get quality legal representation for a very reasonable flat price. You won't need to appear in court, and an attorney greatly increases your chance of getting the ticket dismissed. Hiring the traffic ticket lawyers at Prime dramatically increases your chances of a favorable outcome because of our specialized knowledge in the ticket process.

Do you handle just traffic tickets?

No, we also defend other Class C Misdemeanors, such as minor drug charges, public intoxication, ordinace violations, building code violations, etc. Just reach out to us today and we will see how we can help.

Do I need to meet in person with the attorney?

You do not generally need to meet with an attorney to discuss a traffic ticket. Simply upload your ticket, and an attorney will reach out to you by any method you prefer for the initial consultation.

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