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The New Braunfels Ticket Lawyer

By: James Brandon Gaines, Esq. Texas Attorney - Updated: January 6th, 2023

So you've received a ticket somewhere around New Braunfels. I am very sorry. Now let's take care of it.

Left unhandled, your ticket can raise your insurance, and keep you from renewing your license. Traffic tickets can take alot of time to resolve, be costly, and affect your insurance premiums. Multiple offenses can even lead to your license being suspended. If you are set to appear at the New Braunfels Municipal Court, or anywhere in Comal, contact us first (an attorney will take care of your court dates, so you don't have to).

What We Do

The overhwhelming majority of our cases end in dismissal. In other cases, we regularly get charges reduced, changed, or reduced in cost. With recent changes in Texas law, it is critical that drivers be cautious to maintain as clean a driving record as possible. We will fight to get you the best outcome possible, in most cases, without you ever having to appear in court.

A Special Note to Our CDL Friends:

The importance of keeping a ticket off of your record goes doubly for you. If you have a commercial drivers license (CDL) in New Braunfels, the points can directly sabotage your employment and threaten your livelihood. We understand how important it is to keep points off of your record, and will do everything possible to get you the best outcome possible.

How We Work


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Your attorney handles your ticket from start to finish, and keeps you updated along the way. The average case takes 1-2 months.


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Simply review and sign your attorney's contract online, pay the agreed fee, and your attorney will begin work immediatley.

New Braunfels Ticket Areas


If you received a speeding or reckless driving ticket through Comal County, just let us know immediately, as this is a moving violation which can effect your ability to drive.


The2023 Warrant Roundup is right around the corner. If you have a warrant, we can get it lifted immediately.


If you didn't have insurance, or just didn't have proof of insurance at the time, let us know immediately. Insurance violations are reported directly to Texas DPS.

Expired Tags

If you were ticketed for outdated Texas registration, inspection, or license, our attorneys will negotiate your ticket with the court.

Invalid Drivers License

If you have an expired Texas drivers license (DWLI), or no license at all, our attorneys will can negotiate the penalty.


When you have a commercial drivers license, a traffic ticket is a far more serious matter. We fight to protect your CDL and keep the points off, because we know that it is your career at stake.

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