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Your Irving Traffic Ticket: Solved

By: James Brandon Gaines, Esq. Texas Attorney - Updated: January 6th, 2023

If you are set to appear, or have already missed your appearance at the Irving Municipal Court or Dallas County Justice of the Peace in Texas, be sure to contact us first to explore your options.

Never enter a plea of guilty or just pay your Irving traffic ticket without speaking to an attorney first. When you just pay the court for your ticket, or enter a plea for a payment plan, the ticket will go on your record. This can adversely affect your auto insurance, your driving record, and possibly lead to suspension of your license.

Why You Need a Ticket Lawyer:

We successfully get 95% of our client's tickets dismissed. You absolutely want to keep your record clear in Texas, because an accumulation of "points" - which are tabulated for every ticket that goes on your record - can lead to license suspension, drivers license impairments, and can impact your insurance rates.

Texas law recently changed to make the consequences of points to be much more destructive to your driving history and insurance premiums. It is vital that you do everything possible to avoid a ticket going on your record, and our Irving ticket lawyers can help.

We work to keep your driving record clear, get your warrants lifted if necessary, prevent the suspension of your license, or even get the OMNI holds on your Texas license lifted so that you can renew your license.

Irving, Texas Ticket Types

If you received a Irving ticket, we will fight all of these types of traffic ticket:

Speeding tickets
No Insurance - Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility
Failure to Appear - FTA
Expired Registration
Expired Inspection
Drug Paraphernalia
Stop Signs
Passing School Bus
Reckless driving
Commercial Driver Licenses – CDL
Expired Drivers License - DWLI
No Drivers License
Traffic Ticket Warrants
And More - Contact us with your case details.

Peace of Mind

You will usually never need to appear in court, or worry that your Irving ticket is being handled properly. We handle all of your court appearances, including the first date which is on your ticket, so that you can stay home with peace of mind. We negotiate your ticket with the prosecutor on your behalf to get the best outcome possible. Simple!

CDL Holders with a Irving Ticket

If you have a commercial drivers license in Texas, you know how vital it is to keep points off of your record. Points can directly sabotage your employment, and threaten your livelihood. We understand how important it is to keep points off of your record, and do everything possible to seek an outcome which dismisses or minimizes points.

As a CDL holder in Texas, you know that Irving courts can't offer deferred or defensive driving like they can for regular license holders. Instead, we seek to avoid points by getting you on a pretrial diversion program, changing the violation to a non-moving violation, or even lowering the speed so that no points get on your record. No attorney can guarantee any outcome, but we will work tirelessly to safeguard your livelihood.

How We Work


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Attorney Consult

Your attorney handles your ticket from start to finish, and keeps you updated along the way. The average case takes 1-2 months.


Hire and Done!

Simply review and sign your attorney's contract online, pay the agreed fee, and your attorney will begin work immediatley.

Types of Traffic Tickets


Whether the ticket is for 10% over or under speeding through Dallas County an attorney will negotiate your ticket amount and work to keep it off of your record.

Failure to Appear

Irving Municipal Court will add on a Failure to Appear charge if you miss your court date, which can add another $300-$500 to your case. Oftentimes the prosecutor will agree to dismiss the FTA.

No Insurance

Whether your insurance was expired (or not existent) or you just didn't have your proof of insurance at the time, our Texas attorneys will handle it.

Expired Tags

If your registration or inspection was expired or non-existent and you received a ticket, our attorneys will negotiate with your court on your behalf.

Invalid Drivers License

A DWLI (Driving While License Invalid) ticket is not just expensive, but it has more severe consequences than other types of tickets.


Our first priority on any case is to get your Texas warrant lifted. This is very important during the Texas Warrant Roundup.

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