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New Client?


Lost your ticket? Tell us about it


The San Saba Ticket Lawyer

By: James Gaines, Attorney / San Saba County, Texas / Updated: December 2nd, 2021

So you’ve received a ticket in San Saba, and you wonder if it’s worth fighting the ticket, or if you should just pay and take the conviction to your driving record. Paying San Saba JP (Justice of the Peace) will hit your Texas (or out-of-state) driving record, possibly causing your insurance to increase, or even a license suspension now or later. I'd suggest letting us take a look at that ticket first, before you decide to do anything.

We maintain over a 97% dismissal rate of traffic tickets in San Saba and in all of San Saba County. In the rare event that we can’t get it dismissed, we will work to get it changed to a non-moving violation.

Let us fight your San Saba County traffic ticket

The overwhelming majority of our cases in San Saba end in dismissal. Your attorney will do everything within the law to protect your driving record and insurance, and will even take the case to trial to fight the ticket at the San Saba JP Court. If you have a 'Failure to Appear', warrant, hold or missed court date for a ticket, contact us immediately, so that we can get any warrant lifted ASAP.

After a free consultation (via email, phone, or in-person), we will let you know the plan of action moving forward. We will work to get your ticket dismissed, save you money, and handle your court appearances, so that you don't have to.

How We Work


Send us your ticket

Lost the ticket? No problem. Just tell us what you know about your case, or check your Texas license holds and warrants.


Consult with your attorney

Your attorney will discuss your case strategy with you via email, phone, or in-person, and will keep you posted as your case progresses.


We handle everything

Once you sign your attorney contract and pay your flat fee, your attorney will begin work on your case immediately, and keep you posted throughout the case.

For our CDL Friends with a ticket out of San Saba:

Texas law is not kind to our CDL holder friends. Texas does not allow defensive driving or deferred adjudication for CDLs to dismiss the ticket. We will generally need to appeal your case to the San Saba County Court, in order to get the matter dismissed via the Pretrial Intervention Program, probation, or amended to a lower charge (such as a "less-than-10% charge"). We will fight your ticket to ensure your CDL is protected, as well as your livelihood.

If San Saba suspended or put a hold on your license:

License suspensions can occur if you accumulate too many moving violations within a specified period of time within San Saba or anywhere in Texas. Any individual whose drivers license is currently suspended, cancelled, in OMNI, or revoked in Texas should contact us directly. We suggest searching for your outstanding violations. Just let us know which tickets you have outstanding, and we can go from there.

San Saba Ticket Areas


If you received a speeding or reckless driving ticket through San Saba County, just let us know immediately, as this is a moving violation which can effect your ability to drive.


The 2021 Great Texas Warrant Roundup is right around the corner. If you have a warrant, we can get it lifted immediately.


If you didn't have insurance, or just didn't have proof of insurance at the time, let us know immediately. Insurance violations are reported directly to Texas DPS.


If you were ticketed for outdated Texas registration, inspection, or license, our attorneys will negotiate your ticket with the court.

Invalid Drivers License

If you have an expired Texas drivers license (DWLI), or no license at all, our attorneys will can negotiate the penalty.


When you have a Commercial Drivers License, a traffic ticket is a far more serious matter. We fight to protect your CDL and keep the points off, because we know that it is your career at stake.

Your top-rated in San Saba attorney

The overwhelming majority of our cases in San Saba County end in dismissal. We will work to get your ticket dismissed, save you money, and handle your court appearances, so that you can have peace of mind.

We look forward hearing from you.

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